Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Social Work Has a Blog!

Hello and Welcome!

Our goal in creating this space was to have somewhere to post job openings, department events and notices, as well as links to helpful resources and social work news. Hopefully this blog will be shaped to some extent by what social work students want and which resources and features you'd like to see as we grow.  This is an ambitious endeavor and we’re open to helpful suggestions as we proceed (ausocialwork at gmail). 

We’d also love to spotlight the accomplishments of our students, past and present.  So if you landed a great internship, were accepted to grad school, or just have something you want to share, send it along.

For now, our policies for content are still developing. This means that a comment section won’t be included until we’ve found our footing, and we reserve the right to edit material sent to us before we publish.

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