Thursday, August 25, 2011

Faculty Thoughts

From Prof. Vimont:

For many professors, summer time is an opportunity to present papers and research findings at conferences and workshops. I had an opportunity to do just that at the National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas held in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Because my dissertation concerned youths living in rural areas it was a perfect forum to present my research findings related to youth assets and substance use. Unlike many conferences that are held at large hotels and attended my hundreds if not thousands of professionals, this conference was held at the local university, Northwestern State University, and attended by approximately 200 social workers from around the world.

(Check out the slideshow Prof. Vimont used for the conference here!)

The slide show provides an overall summary regarding salient ideas presented during my presentation titled, Exploring the Relationship Between Youth Assets and Substance Use Among Rural Youths: A Cohort Study of Change and Transition. The goal is to transform this presentation into a formal research manuscript to be published on the online publication of The Journal of Contemporary Rural Social Work.