Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From Your Social Work Club President

A few items from Sam Kauf:


The Catholic Worker is a radical movement that believes in serving the poor by being in community with them.  The Catholic Worker in Cleveland runs a drop-in center where people in the community (most of them homeless) can get a hot meal, shower and get fresh clothing, and spend some time in fellowship with others.  The Catholic Worker and St. Patrick's parish has hosted Community Practice students from AU for a weekend for 15 years, giving us a window into the changing urban community that we would never get otherwise.

This year as a holiday project the Social Work Club will collect personal care items--shampoo, deodorant, soap, feminine products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.--to donate to the Catholic Worker's drop-in center.  If each social work major donates just one item, that will add up to a very significant donation.

Items do not have to cost a lot. It is perfectly fine to go to the dollar store and buy something for cheap. Also, for those of you that still have swipes left, they can be used in the eagles nest for personal care items. With the end of the semester fast approaching use your left over swipes to help those in need rather than letting them go to waste!
Items being donated can be placed in the box outside Dorothy Stratton's office--108 Claremont Building.  If you prefer to donate some cash, please give that to one of the club officers:  Sam Kauf, Jerika Gilcreast, or Kayla Hershberger.

Thanks for participating!  Your small donation--added to many others--will make a big difference!


The Social Work Club will be holding a study day on December 8th, 6p.m. to 8p.m. in the rec center classrooms 230 and 231. There will be two rooms set up; one for studying with classmates and the other filled with games and snacks for study breaks. The more students that come from individual classes, the more heads to put together for studying. The Social Work Club does ask that each student bring a snack to share, and if there is a game you would like to share, feel free to bring it along. Students are welcome to come and go as they please from this event. Hope to see you there!


Social Work Club elections are underway! Social work students have received an email asking them to vote. Below is a list of the candidates. Remember, voting closes this Friday, December 2nd at 5p.m. Be on the lookout for future emails announcing our new officers!

Jessica Heck, junior
Kayla Hershberger, junior

Jamie Arnold, junior
Anne Funk-Chance, junior
Rachel Graves, junior
Brittany Curry, junior

Hillary Falter, sophomore

Alexandra Higgins, sophomore