Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AU Social Work Students Visit the Good Shepherd Nursing Home

Social work students in the Practice 1 class have an opportunity to practice their skills developed in the course with residents at the Good Shepherd Nursing Home. They meet with their assigned resident seven times during the semester. Students obtain needed practice in developing their skills, while residents get the undivided attention of a social
work student.

As a way to celebrate the conclusion of this practice activity, everyone got together on November 22nd at the nursing home for food and drink. As one student described it, “this was not only a chance to practice skills, but was also an opportunity to forge relationship building skills.” Another student stated, “although I won’t be seeing my resident as often as I did this semester, I do plan on seeing him next semester to see how he is doing.” A resident at the nursing home described her experience as being fantastic because “it allowed me to tell stories that by now everyone else in my life are bored with.”

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