Friday, August 30, 2013

AU Social Work program now offering a minor in Family Studies

This fall, exciting changes have taken place within the Social Work department. Many students were taken aback last year when Ashland University announced the elimination of the Family Studies major. This year, the Department of Social Work has now become the Department of Social Work and Family Studies.
A Child and Family Studies minor is now offered and can be completed in just 15 credit hours’ worth of courses, many of which closely tie into the already existing Social Work curriculum. For instance, Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (a course that examines the relationship among biological, social, and psychological systems) is a part of both the Social Work and Family Studies curriculum (click here to view a full list of courses for a Family Studies minor).
Dr. Michael Vimont, head of the Social Work and Family Studies Department, believes this to be a very beneficial change for both current students as well as future students beginning their search for potential college programs.
For more information about the Social Work and Family Studies Department, visit our website.

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