Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Social Work Club Meeting

Last week, Ashland’s Social Work Club met for the first time this school year. Pizza, pop, and cookies were served to students as upcoming events were discussed.

Social Work Club’s major event, Skip-A-Meal, is quickly approaching. Skip-A-Meal is an annual fundraiser where Social Work Club members collect meal swipes outside of the Eagles Nest to provide food baskets to charity. It is a week-long event and counts for community service hours as well as professional identity credit. The date for this year’s Skip-A-Meal has not been set, but the executive committee is looking at potentially having it during the first three weeks in October. For any conflicts or questions, please email one of the group’s Co-Presidents at ahiggins@ashland.edu or hfalter@ashland.edu.

The group also discussed the purchase of t-shirts for this school year. Last year’s shirts were very popular and the possibility of changing the design or color was also brought up. Please email ahiggins@ashland.edu or hfalter@ashland.edu if you are interested or have ideas for new shirts. The price would be approximately $10 per shirt.

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  1. Great turnout! We are especially happy about the number of freshmen who attended. Never too early to get involved!