Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cleveland Urban Plunge

For the past 25 years, the Cleveland Urban Plunge has been a tradition in the Social Work department. Senior Social Work majors devote a Saturday in the fall semester to learning more about urban life and the struggles that come with it. Though previously held over an entire weekend, the shortened Urban Plunge still has a lot to offer students. 

A first-hand look at poverty and homelessness can be incredibly powerful. “This trip has enabled me to understand myself and how I react to certain situations,” said senior Hillary Falter, “I definitely went out of my comfort zone, but I believe it changed me for the better and I am more thankful for what I have.”

When asked about the most memorable moment of the trip, Jennifer Tenbrook talked about a man she had met on the trip named Ray. He had been homeless since 2005, when he moved to Cleveland after Hurricane Katrina. “Even though he has been homeless for 8 years, he was still very happy and outgoing, as though nothing could possibly bring him down.”

Hillary also commented on the positive attitudes of people she met on the trip. “Despite the situations these individuals have encountered, they did not fail to stay positive-- how powerful is that?”

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