Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NPR Article Highlights Impact of Social Workers at Aurora Sinai Medical Center

Social work is known as being a helping profession.  While most people attribute this help to the clients they serve, few people know that social work can help organizations save money. The cost benefit of using social workers to intervene in the lives of patients and to address social issues resulting in repeated returns to the emergency room at a Milwaukee hospital is described in this NPR article.  The hospital estimated having saved over $1 million by placing social workers in their emergency room. 

"Stories like this are actually common-place but get little attention by the media," said Dr. Michael Vimont, director of Ashland University's Social Work Program. "So, by addressing the needs of people through a comprehensive psycho-social approach by using social workers, organizations can meet the needs of their clients and save money."

To learn more about the program and the methods used by the Aurora Sinai social workers, you can read the full article here.

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