Monday, November 23, 2015

Social Work Club "Give a Meal" Service Project Raises $1,149

Through its "Give a Meal" service project, the Social Work Club has raised $1,149 in cash and meal swipe donations (each meal swipe, used to purchase meals in the dining hall, is worth $6.50).
Rosemarie Donley, Director of Associated Charities, and members of the
Social Work Club unbox food for the Food Bank
These funds were used to purchase food in bulk through AU's dining services, which allowed the students to purchase more food per dollar than if they had gone to a traditional grocery store.
Social Work Club members stock shelves in the Ashland County Food Bank
The food purchased was donated to Associated Charities and the Ashland County Food Bank, which distributes food and some taxable (personal hygiene) items to individuals and families in need in Ashland County.
From left to right: Social Work Club members Bethany Jelenic, Jessica James,
Bailey Fullwiler, Jocelyn Bean, and Maria Erste
Congratulations, Social Work Club, on a job well done!

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