Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alumni Profile: Barb

I am an alumni from the class of 1988.  After I received my degree in Social Work from Ashland, I went to OSU for my MSW.  I received that in 1990.  I currently live in Pickerington, Ohio and work as a psychiatric social worker at Grant Medical Center in Columbus.  I have been there for 18 years.  I love my job.

I do psychiatric assessments and provide disposition recommendations.  I also do medical social work.  I am a member of the Trauma Team and serve as a liaison between the doctors, pt and family members.  I work nights 7p-7a.  In addition to my full time job, I'm a mother of 2 beautiful children ages 8 and 11.  I have been with my partner Monda for 18 years.  Two years ago, I moved my father in with us.  He is 82 years old and has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia.  He receives wonderful services through "Passport Program".  He attends adult daycare at Wesley Ridge in Reynoldsburg.

So, I am both a social worker and consumer of social services.  Getting to experience both sides of desk has been enlightening and makes me even more proud to be in my field. It does require a Masters Degree but as one of my adjunct professors at Ashland told me "It's a piece of paper that will open many doors!"  Most of my education has been "on the job" and practice, practice practice!