Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Haley Mossing, Intern at Ashland Parenting Plus

Haley Mossing is an intern at Ashland Parenting Plus. This organization strives to enhance lives by providing education, promoting responsible decisions, and offering different opportunities for children. 

Tell us a little bit about your internship placement.

Ashland Parenting Plus (APP) consists of three different programs that provide a variety of services: Parenting Education, Juvenile Diversion, and Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Parenting Education is for parents who are looking to further their skills as well as gain the necessary tools to assist them in raising their children. APP also offers Divorce Education which is mandated through court system for any couple who has children. The Juvenile Diversion program consists of both individual and group mentors that work with youth to develop their assets and create a lasting and positive change. One new aspect of Juvenile Diversion is Wraparound, which is a family intervention that is designed to allow the family along with their chosen natural supports to lead the change efforts. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program is more than just a sex education program. TPP educates youth in various different subject areas regarding all different aspects of life. There are groups for females called Empowerment Groups and groups for males called Respect Groups which take place throughout the school year in the elementary, middle, and high schools in the county.

What are your job duties at your internship?  What sorts of activities have you been involved in?

I am currently working mostly with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program. Until recently, I have been observing but now I am getting to lead some activities with the girls. Soon I will be leading the entire session. I work with three different group facilitators, one for each different level of schooling (elementary, middle, and high school). I am also currently working on a project where I am gathering data from the past several years to determine the effectiveness of the TPP programs for a grant to potentially expand TPP to some surrounding counties. I have also worked with Wraparound, participating in family team meetings. 

How has Ashland University’s Social Work Program prepared your for your internship?

The Ashland University Social Work Program has provided me with the basic knowledge and skills to prepare me to work in the social work field. I was nervous going into my internship that I was not prepared, but I am always surprising myself with how much I actually know from my education through the program. The Social Work Program has taught me the importance of client empowerment, how to interact with clients in order to help them throughout the helping relationship, as well as the fundamental skills for documentation.

What have you enjoyed most about your internship so far?

I mostly enjoy working with the groups in the TPP program. Working with groups was something that I was extremely nervous about going into my internship, but the more I observe and the more involved I become with leading groups, the more I enjoy it and look forward to those days. I love getting to watch the girls grow as individuals and help them become vibrant young women.

For more information about Ashland Parenting Plus, please visit their website.
For more information about Ashland University’s Social Work Program, please visit their  website.

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