Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kaitlynn Dolezal, Intern at The Mental Health and Recovery Board

Kaitlynn Dolezal is an intern at The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County. This Board is a branch of county government, composed of 18 citizen volunteers who ensure the availability of mental health support services.

Tell us a little bit about your internship placement.
My internship is a little more unique with it being a macro level agency. The Board works with other social service agencies in Ashland County in order to ensure that the needs of the community are being met. The Board writes grants, plans many events, and educates the community. From the website, it says, "County Boards are responsible to determine local needs, develop a community plan, set priorities, direct resources and monitor services in their district. This provides an opportunity to create integrated systems of care that are most responsive to the needs and desires of the local citizens. This is important because characteristics of counties vary widely and there is a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas in Ohio that makes a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach particularly ineffective."

What are your job duties at your internship?  What sorts of activities have you been involved in?
I have had the opportunity to work with both the Mental Health and Recovery Board and the Family and Children First Council in a variety of activities. I have worked a bit on planning events for Child Abuse & Neglect Awareness Month in April, and Elder Abuse & Neglect Awareness in June. I have also been able to attend and participate in countless meetings and trainings the board participates in and puts on!

How has Ashland University’s Social Work Program prepared you for your internship?
I cannot express how thankful I am for the education I have received in the Social Work Program. Because of my professors, I have felt so comfortable and prepared for my internship, and even graduate school!

What have you enjoyed most about your internship so far?
Honestly, I am absolutely loving all of the information I am absorbing at the Board! I am also loving all of the connections I am making with other agencies!

For more information about The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County, please visit their website.
For more information about Ashland University’s Social Work Program, please visit their website.

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