Friday, April 17, 2015

Ethnic Potluck Provides Opportunity to Share Experiences, Recognize Academic Achievements


Every April, senior-level students of the social work program hosts an ethnic potluck dinner for their fellow students.

The purpose, aside from eating a lot of great food and socializing, is to share their experiences as practicing social work interns in the “real world” of social work.

Fourteen soon-to-be graduating students presented their expertise to about 30 other social work students who will soon follow in their footsteps. 

Social Work Seniors
(all in blue for Child Assault Prevention Awareness!)

Social Work Outstanding Students
Congratulations to our outstanding social work students recognized by social work faculty. Every year, one student from each of the three classes, sophomore, junior, and senior are recognized for their academic, leadership, and mentoring achievements.
From right to left (Alison Bartholomew, sophomore; Jennifer Lindsay, senior; and Bailey Fullwiler, junior).

Congratulations, Seniors and Outstanding Students! 

For more information about AU's Social Work Program, check out our website.
For more information about Senior Field Experiences, view our Field Experience page.


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