Friday, April 3, 2015

Social Work Club Raises Funds for Easter Baskets for Associated Charities

In mid-March, the Social Work Club raised $178 by selling sweet treats for a great cause - making Easter baskets for children in the Ashland community.

Using the funds from the bake sale, Club members created and donated 23 Easter baskets.    

Social Work Club and Faculty Assemble the Baskets
The baskets included craft supplies, coloring books, puzzles, jump ropes, bubbles, stuffed animals, stickers, small games and, of course, Easter candy!

Social Work Club Members with Fully Assembled Baskets
From left to right: Jocelyn Bean, Jessie Ryder, Ellie Miller, Stephanie Julian, Logan Imber, and Mallory Serrano
Not pictured: Bailey Fullwiler

Great job, Social Work Club!

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