Thursday, March 31, 2016

82% of AU Social Work Grads Pass Licensure Exam on First Try

Last year the social work department at Ashland University graduated 14 students from its program.  The Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Board that oversees the examination and licensing of social workers reported that 12 of the students are now licensed in Ohio to practice social work.  One student has applied to take the exam but has not taken it yet, and one other student has not applied for licensure.   

Students graduating from an accredited school of social work are the only individuals who can take the licensure exam, which when passed allows them to be a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). 

The university’s social work program continues to boast an 82% passing rate for those taking the exam for the first time with the remaining students passing it the second time.  This is in contrast with the state-wide passing rate of 81.9%. for first time test takers, and only a 45% passing rate for those taking the exam a second time.

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