Monday, March 28, 2016

Sarah Hayes, Intern at OhioHealth MedCentral

Sarah Hayes in an intern at OhioHealth MedCentral, which, along with MedCentral Shelby Hosptial, has joined forces with OhioHealth, a faith-based, not-for-profit health system. 

Tell us a little bit about your internship placement, your job duties, and the activities you’ve been involved in. 
I complete patient assessments as well as plan their discharge, which can include setting up Nursing Home Placements, arranging transportation, and setting up Home Health Services.  I also talk about if the patient needs medical equipment at home, how they can get the medical equipment, and provide financial, substance abuse, or prescription assistance to patients if needed.  

How has Ashland University’s Social Work Program prepared you for your internship?

The Social Work program has prepared me immensely for this internship.  Volunteering at the Nursing Home (an experience provided to all AU social work students in their sophomore year) gave me the opportunity to work on my assessment skills and also my communication skills which have provided me the ability to complete my assessments here at the hospital. The social policy class was really beneficial, too, as I am working with Medicaid and Medicare every day and having a little bit of background information about these policies has made my life so much easier.  

What have you enjoyed most about your internship so far?
I really enjoy the fast pace at the hospital and how every day I get the opportunity to work with new patients. I also like how every new patient I work with has a different background story and how I get to learn a little bit about their past. My supervisor is awesome and I have enjoyed just about everything at the hospital.   

More information about OhioHealth MedCentral can be found here 

All social work students undergo a 500-hour internship in their senior year, during which they put into practice the skills they have learned throughout their time at Ashland University while gaining valuable experiences to prepare them for employment or graduate studies after graduation.  For more information about Ashland University’s Social Work Program, please visit our website.

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